Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers

The Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association is a networked group of attorneys representing injury victims and plaintiffs in claims involving motor vehicle accidents. The goal is to enable members to draw upon the specialty association’s strong training, educational and networking resources so they may have benefits that were either unavailable or difficult to find on their own.

The Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association is one of the nation’s premier resources for attorneys and victims looking for help. By making reference resources available to the public, we strive to connect specialized attorneys with these victims through our Attorney Directory. With state of the art website optimization, our goal is to be one of the highest-ranked websites found in topic searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Driving more visitors to the MVTLA’s website and to you and your firm through links embedded on our Attorney Directory page, we are able to market our members as experienced attorneys who specialize in accidents involving some type of motor vehicle.

Each year, millions of people are injured or killed in motor vehicle, motorcycle and tractor trailer accidents. These victims will be looking for information and help from attorneys who are experienced in specialized area of law.  Attorneys who handle these issues need resources, experts and insight that can help them in crafting their cases.  Fortunately, there’s a source designed to handle these diverse needs.

Join the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association. It’s more than just another affiliation of attorneys; the MVTLA is a vital, growing group of trial lawyers from across the country which shares its knowledge, experience and expertise in handling these types of cases to give you a competitive edge over non-members. Our members strive to not only make the victims of these accidents whole, but to make the roads a safer place for all.

MVTLA is not just a networking tool; it’s also a great way to generate cases.  The Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association’s website is also a reference resource for potential plaintiffs.  We constantly update the site with fresh, relevant content that’s useful for the public.  They can also search for association members in their area and find who’s best suited for their unique needs.

The Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association will also offer Continuing Legal Education courses tailored to the specific needs of motor vehicle attorneys.  Rather than attending a broad-based CLE course that may not have content that’s directly related to your field of specialty, you can invest your valuable time in a course that really has applicable information.